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A suuestion for an additional feature on the chord track, Studio One 5.

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asked Jun 26, 2022 in Mixing by johnhall (160 points)

An idea for an extension to the chord track functions. It would be nice if the chord track could process chord inversions with a "click" function. At present the chord track always prints a chord in root position. As an arranger/composer it would be good if I could enter for example; A  with no suffix and get a root position A major A C# E, or enter say "A1 and get a first inversion C# E A or enter A2 and get a second inversion E A C#. Time saving, and helpful for quick "try outs" to see which inversion gives you the motion and flavour you want. Preferably I think it should be restricted to major and minor triads because once you move to the inversions of extended chords, or dim or aug chords you get complications. Example would be Cmaj7, C E G B natural. A first inversion gives you Em6 if you follow proper spelling conventions. I'll leave it with you to ponder! Cheers everybody from John Hall in the Land Down Under.

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