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talkback mic not muted during smaart on rm mixer

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asked Dec 20, 2015 in Ai Mixers by danielneilsen (360 points)
edited Dec 21, 2015 by danielneilsen
Found this problem ( bug? ).

If you have the talkback muc enabled on an aux and then try to do a smaart analysis on that aux you I would expect the talkback mic channel to be muted.

This does not happen and creates instant feedback



To replicate issue

- Attached RTA to channel (I used input 14) and mark talkback mic as being input 14.

- Add level to both input channel and talkback channel in mixer (Yes, I dont know WHY I did this but.... )

- Start smaart analysis.  

- Feedback from one of the channels even though I would expect them to all be muted by the system  (I think from the input channel?)

Hope That helps.   

ps.  Using the latest firmware and version of UC Surface

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answered Dec 21, 2015 by matthewgorman (51,870 points)

Not sure I follow. The talkback is used for smaart.