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Do not clump staves at the top of printed page

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asked Nov 14, 2018 in Notion Feature Requests by fernandomaia (1,640 points)
When generating a printout, Notion concentrates all staves at the top, sometimes leaving nearly half of the page blank.  The problem is, when we turn pages, the spacing between staves can vary wildly -- staves can be very near each other when instruments are playing chorally in the middle of the staff, then suddenly staves can be far apart when instruments use more vertical space.

This makes scores printed out from Notion hard to follow.  At each page turn, the eye needs to find a certain staff again, since it could be so far from where it was in the previous page.  The violas could be several inches away from their last position.

The above description of the problem is much more important than the proposed solution below, which might be ineffective -- I am not sure.

I believe this problem would be mitigated by an option to "vertically justify" staves when there's only one system in a page.  If a more effective solution exists, it is welcome.

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