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FR: Ability to add an 'anchor' or 'hitpoint' to and audio file

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asked Dec 21, 2015 in Studio One Feature Requests by jonwright (680 points)

It would be great if we could create an 'anchor point' or 'hitpoint' in an audio file so that we could align a point to the grid.

For example, with a synth riser or rolling percussion hit that has a crescendo, we could add the anchor to that point and easily snap it to the grid when dragging it around, rather than the audio file always snapping to the start.

The below screenshot is from Logic, it's not so clear in the image but just at the bottom you can see I've dragged the anchor to be at the peak of the riser. Logic will now snap the audio file to that point.


commented Dec 21, 2015 by matthewgorman (51,840 points)
How would this be different than detecting transients, or manually adding a bend marker to use for snap?

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answered Dec 21, 2015 by jonwright (680 points)
Can you do that? I've never been able to get audio files to snap to bend markers, they'll only snap to the start of the event.
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answered Dec 21, 2015 by niles (52,780 points)

Yes, great request. In Cubase it's called Event Snap Point.
@matthewgorman comment I was never being able to make an event snap to a bend marker either. Can you elaborate?

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answered Dec 22, 2015 by Scoox (12,160 points)
Interesting idea. Snap in S1 works very well, it's one of my favourite DAWs when it comes to snapping. This would allow snapping not only to clip starts/ends but also points in the middle of a clip (referred to as "anchors" on this thread).
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answered Feb 15, 2016 by kennknopfel (300 points)
There is a gotcha when combining anchors and bending, because a single bend starts at the beginning of the entire underlying audio file, not the beginning of the clip. (unless you bounced - only then do they coincide).

So when you do bends, the automatic recalculating of the position of the anchor (to keep it on the transient - or selected sample - doesn't have to be a transient), can go wrong.

A competing DAW gets this wrong and recalculates an offset whenever bending, and ends up adding an anchor even when you didn't ever create one.
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answered Mar 3, 2016 by cdrickmechouet (560 points)
Also, on Pro tools...