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Don't limit the cursor selection to the grid when snap-on

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asked Jul 26, 2021 in Editing by PeachBossa (190 points)
It's very difficult to use that even the cursor selection is limited to the grid when snapping is on when editing, it's terribly annoying to turn off snapping each time, and even if you press shift, the beginning is fixed to the grid, I feel very stressed.
Of course, DAWs other than studio one can select them randomly while maintaining the note snap function without being restricted to the grid.
If you add this function, you usually need to be able to select randomly, and conversely, you should select the grid only while pressing shift, at least I want you to be able to switch.

Please, please, I sincerely hope for this improvement.

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answered Aug 15, 2021 by valentinosciacca1 (8,120 points)
I partially agree, with S1 you can drag and hold shift to unsnap the event from the grid.

I also use Logic Pro and it has a "Smart" snap mode which is much better than Studio One, which is not adaptive.

I hope they will make an adaptive snap mode like Logic one.
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answered Jul 26 by rafaelbadiadubn (170 points)
I also find it veeery annoying.. I hope they improve this..
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answered Jul 27 by recto6l6 (180 points)

100% agree with you. It's really frustrating for me.