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Weather Covers for 328ai and ult18 speakers

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asked Nov 16, 2018 in StudioLive Ai LoudSpeakers by martinav (550 points)
I have not been able to find any weather covers for the 328Ai nor the Ult18 speakers.  These are not needed for just transport, but they need to actually function while in these covers.  If you do not make them, do you know of a 3rd party that does?  They do not have to be perfect, nor aesthetically pleasing.  They will be out of view, but need protected.  These are being used for an outdoor event where they may not be able to be moved quick enough in the event of heavy rains.

Thank you.

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answered Nov 26, 2018 by jonnydoyle (403,160 points)
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PreSonus only make transport covers for these speakers. You will need to use a 3rd party company to design such an item. Also, these speakers are not rated for use in wet conditions.
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answered Jan 23, 2019 by bobcap (140 points)
We cover our speakers outside in the summer with waterproof covers made by "Under Cover".

Great people to work with and a great product.