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Sonarworks reference 4 don’t work with studio one works with studio one 3.whyyyyyyyyyyy?

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asked Nov 19, 2018 in Studio One 4 by boudynaoum (170 points)
Hello,i am George’s Jreich professor of Music Technology at Lebanese National Higher Concervatory Of Music.And also I have my one studio.working as Arranger and Mix.I have been using Steinberg Products including Nuendo and Cubase for 20 years.So i decide to switch to Studio One and sell all Steinberg softwares.I start with Studio One 3 then upgrade to v 4.But always there is an issues.And I am so mad.and sad....first Autotune 8.1 don’t work with Studio One 3 and Studio One 4.Then now the most important plugin to me Sonarworks reference 4 works with Studio One 3 and don’t work with Studio One 4.1.I need a solution nowww,and we can go on like a professional in this way.

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answered Nov 24, 2018 by denniswilkins (140 points)
Hello from Colorado USA,

Not sure why you are having a problem with Rreference 4 and Studio One - I have both S1 ver 3.5 (32 bit) and S1 ver 4.1 (64 bit) and Sonarworks Reference 4 works fine with both.  I simply inserty it in the Main bus, choose a Calibration Profile, and switch on the SR Enable.  One issue I had with Sonarworks when I first installed it was that it installed the plug-in in a folder without asking where I wanted it, and it was in the wrong folder.  I just moved it to my normal VST folder, and it works fine.

Hope you get it working OK.