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New faderport 2 is connected but lights keep blinking.

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asked Nov 22, 2018 in FaderPort 2018 by justinmiree (500 points)
I have a quantum running OSX an new atom. everything is fine but the faderport just keeps blinking, I set it up send/recieve to Presonus, everything seems connect but am i missing something? Thx in advance

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answered Nov 22, 2018 by gottfriedbergmair (14,190 points)
selected Nov 25, 2018 by justinmiree
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a) While the faderportv2 is powerd on: Hold the "next button" and press "Solo" for Studio One mode.

b) If you are using Studio One v3.5.x, than you need to install the faderport extension: See "Your Account/Products/Software/Extra Downloads".

b) Did you install the new versions of Universal Control [Nov 2018:  v2.9.2] AND Faderportv2 firmware update [Nov 2018:  v3.03]

c) Your Faderport should be included in the list of "External Devices/PreSonus", if not you can try the Faderportv2 installer. You will find the installer in "Your Account/Products/Your Harware/Faderportv2" OR maybe update/re-update with the latest Studion One v4.1.1 version.

Faderportv2 Link:


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answered Nov 25, 2018 by justinmiree (500 points)
It took me a few times but its good now. Tip one worked I had power it on while holding Next/Solo. I thought it was defective, lmaooo. Thx a lot.