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New Faderport 2. All buttons lit and S1 track blinking

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asked Jul 24 in FaderPort 2018 by jamiemanning1 (120 points)
Hi all. I just purchased a FaderPort 2018 to use with my MacMini hosting Studio 1 V4.6.2. I used Universal Control to update the firmware as instructed. The problem I'm having is this. When I open S1, the track that is active is automatically armed and blinking. (NOTE: I also noticed that each blink fires off a MIDI event). Also, the entire two top rows of buttons (solo, mute, arm, shift, bypass, touch, write, read) are *all* lit and I cannot de-activate them. And...none of the controls on the FaderPort are having any effect in the S1 environment, I.E., it's just not working. I welcome your troubleshooting advice!

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answered Aug 9 by ricktrace (200 points)
I just updated the firmware for Windows 10 as well and am having the same issue. Track blinking in Studio One 5 as well and all lights on Faderport 2018.

I thought it was a Studio One 5 or Windows issue but I guess not...