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Not getting any signal by line out 1/2 L/R monitors output

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asked Nov 27, 2018 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by ruioliveira3 (120 points)
i connect my monitors to the monitors output of 1824 but im not getting any signal but if i connetc the monitors to line out 3/4 i get sound
this is being a pain because im earing in mono and my mixes are being exported in mono
please help

1 Answer

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answered Dec 5, 2018 by benmalan (550 points)
Go to Song > Song Setup > Audio I/O Setup > Outputs

Make sure your Output for MAIN are set to Stereo L/R for the 1/2 channels, they are probably on 3/4, might even be 2 mono outputs on 3/4.  Make sure all these are set up how you want (either stereo or mono).  Then click the "Make Default" if you want this configuration to automatically be used for every new song you create.