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Headphone out works on speakers- -but not the separate L and R outs!

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asked Nov 9, 2018 in AudioBox USB by doctorductape (490 points)

Hello everyone! My problem is my speakers work fine individually on the headphone out (Loud and clear), but when I plug both in to the L and R outs, it sounds distorted and quiet....

It could be the speakers, (because they had only a speaker wire out which I converted to 1/4 TRS by splicing and electric-taping) but as aforementioned, I tested them individually, so I doubt it.

Also, the chance of it being cross-talk between the wires (Or an "un-presonus-related" problem) is really low, because all of the un-insulated parts are electric-taped down.

(I'm sorry if this sounds really ghetto and DIY-ish, BTW.cheeky)

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