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Presonus interface request/suggestion.

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asked Nov 27, 2018 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by trevgrad08 (160 points)
Hello, I have a suggestion or request if you will for an interface to be built. I’d like you to hear me out on this because of my situation. Right now I have 2 interfaces. I have an audiobox 22vsl. I don’t use it often because I don’t have enough inputs on that interface. A few years ago I purchased the tascam us-1800. Interface works great. But I’m starting to see some wear and tear with it as some of the parts inside aren’t functioning like it used to. Anyway my situation is that I was told that the presonus mixing boards are mainly only for left and right stereo sounds. Typically can’t use that for recording. My dad and I are both musicians. My dad and a few of his band mates used the boss br-1600 for years. When the guy who owned it bought the thing, he paid about a grand because it was new back then. Now you can get it for around $300 used. Anyway, that sort of thing is what my dad is used to. He prefers an interface with more of a hands on thing instead of controlling the knobs on the computer. So I’ve been searching for something like that through presonus and have come up empty. The guy at my local guitar center told me that the mixers are mainly just left and right for stereo sound. I got pretty bummed out on this whole thing after hearing that. It’s why I’m requesting here to build something where you can do more of a hands on thing like the boss br-1600 that also has the left and right for stereo. I do understand that there’s a variety of mixers out there. But I want to be able to control interfaces using my hands rather than with the mouse and keyboard. It’d be quicker and more accurate if I can position things when and where I need to. I can’t ever get the perfect sound I want with using the cursor. It doesn’t have to be fancy. But I’d like it to be manageable. I currently just use recording out of my basement, so somewhere between 8 and 16 channels/inputs would work for me. Is this something that is possible in building? Or am I just crazy? as far as trying to put this in a category, I’m not sure what one I’m supposed to put this in.


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