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Pad editing

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asked Nov 27, 2018 in Atom Pad Controllers by cbzender (190 points)
I'd like the ability to change the midi note sent out by the ATOM pads to adapt it to different drum programs like EZ drummer and save it as a preset.

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answered Jan 12 by fwubidzk (200 points)

I asked technical support.

This was the answer.


That's doesn't appear to be possible on the ATOM as far as we are aware, changing the default note mapping as it's shown in the reference manual section MIDI Mapping 5.1 Pads and Banks.


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answered Feb 11 by dotcom12161984 (2,200 points)
yeah this is killing my workflow.  I want to be able to make a preset for different midi map for different VSTs like i used to on my mpd pad.  If i have drum kits in other samplers i don't want to have to guess where my sounds are.  I want it to lineup with the same pad placement scheme as it would in impact.  Or at least give us a chromatic option scaling the 8 banks so i can access all 128 sounds in kontakt using the Atom.  I don't feel like transferring thousands of drum kits i have made on different samplers to impact.
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answered May 1 by massimilianosestu (180 points)
a simple midi editor with the ability to map the pads will be great