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Atom Pad Colors do NOT match in Studio One... pls HELP :c

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asked Jun 25, 2021 in Atom Pad Controllers by gregoriochvez (550 points)
My ATOM works well with other apps like Melodics, but when I start S1, pads and buttons dont change the color if I navegate or I change instrument (Impact, MaiTai, etc). Its supposed that ATOM change the colors for visual guide of what Im doing

I tried to "reconnect" in "external audio devices" but just change the color of the pads to the state in these moment and keeps static untill I click "reconnect" again (Ex. If Im using MaiTai and I click on "reconnect", the colors of the pad change to black/white keys mode, but if I change to a Impact the colors keep the black/white keys mode.

Even already update firmware in Universal Control :c

Pls help

Pd. Sorry for spelling errors y salu2 desde México :D

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answered Jul 12, 2022 by petermetzger (270 points)
Just got my ATOM today and having the exact same problem - installed latest Universal Control, updated firmware (v3.52). The colors on the pads will only update when I "reconnect," even if just switching from one Impact kit to another!