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Getting Started with effects

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asked Dec 4, 2018 in Studio One 4 by peternelson3 (150 points)
Hi, I am new to this but I can do it, right? So I am all installed, (Presonus studio 4) Made my first recording with two tracks Guitar and a vocals track from the singer-songwriter template. I am trying to now reshape the vocals track. I would like to add some effects and eq some of the nasty spots. playing the tracks back and making all kinds of attempts to adjust the tracks nothing responds. So what simple step am i missing?

I highlight the vocals track, drag in an effect next to the vocals track. Play the track and that effect has no effect on the track? My objective is to reshape the vocal track till I am rockstar quality and save it.

the words (edit track) are not touching on this in help searches.

Thanks in advance Peter...Soon to be a rockstar!

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answered Dec 9, 2018 by aka_busker (32,890 points)
Hi Peter,

We were all new once and we are always still learning. There's no "exact science" to it but there are some great guidelines.

Go to YouTube and search Produce like a Pro hosted by Warren Huart.  Look at his mixing in the box series.  He has some very good videos about guitar and vocals music.  Google him, check his credentials and then check his videos.  All plain language.  Also, there's melodyne with Studio one for "tweaking".  

Another two great educators are Recording Revelation (Graham Cochrane) and Joe Gilder.  Joe Gilder use studio one to do his work.  The others use logic or protools. The programs may be different but the educators explain it so the software is second to technique.  

Hope that helps you some.