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Notion handling time signature changes badly

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asked Dec 5 in Notion by mattosgood (290 points)

I recorded a simple midi part in S1 v4, in 3/4. Sent it to Notion and it opened it up as a 4/4 file with a blank space where the 4th beat in each bar should be. 

When I insert a time signature at the beginning of my part in Notion to 3/4, none of the bars change length - it doesn't recognise that the bars now have the correct number of beats in them. 

Even more frustratingly, when I delete all the bar lines and try reinserting them, Notion still behaves as though my bars are four beats long and simply puts the blank space back in the bar. 

Either I'm missing something really obvious, or Notion is beyond incompetent here... Driving me mad! 

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