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Inspector windows for Studio One signature and tempo tracks?

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asked Oct 1, 2021 in Editing by daleburton1 (180 points)
The Marker track allows an inspector window showing a list of all markers and the ability to navigate by clicking to the left of the marker in the list.

The Signature and Tempo tracks do not have this feature as far as I can tell. Cubase has this ability. It would be useful, in a song with many time signature changes, to furnish a list of such changes, indexed by measure number, ideally with the ability to edit the signature in the list. And while a tempo list might be more cumbersome, it would offer a useful view to show what tempo changes occur in a song without scrolling horizontally through the whole timeline.

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answered Aug 12, 2022 by janfranklin (340 points)
I completely agree. Tempo list is also in Logic Pro X. It's provides a quick and easy way to create a master mix of different tracks which feature a variety of tempi.