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Does the Studio Live Series III 32R work with an ipad and the lightning USB adapter?

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asked Dec 7 in StudioLive Series III by leemurray (160 points)
I need to record audio on ipad, and use the lightning to USB adapter to connect the mixer to the ipad. Does the 32R work like this? (Have a class-compliant USB interface)

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answered Dec 14 by jonnydoyle (98,710 points)
The Series III mixer is not an MFI (Made for iPad) product, so this is not supported. You will need to use the AVB/USB port to multitrack from the mixer.
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answered Dec 14 by leemurray (160 points)

USB Interfaces don't have to be MFI to work with iPads. Just USB 2.0 Class Compliant. I have used several USB interfaces with ipads, you just have to use the Lightning to USB Adapter. So the question is really more if the mixer is USB class compliant, not MFI.  Usually if a device driver is not needed to connect it to a Mac, it will work with an ipad. The Auria page describes it pretty well.