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Is it possible to connect an Audiobox USB 96 to an iPad (2017) with lightning connector?

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asked Jan 25, 2018 in AudioBox USB by anthonyrexhouse (160 points)
I have an Audiobox USB 96 and I am wondering if I can hook it up to my iPad Air 2 and use my guitars and mics with Garageband and Amplitube.  The Air 2 has a lightning connector and while I know that there are USB to Lightning adapter cables, will this setup work with a USB type B (old printer style) to lightning adapter?  Any help will be appreciated.

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answered Apr 6, 2018 by adambrown8 (140 points)
I also have an Audiobox USB and would like to know if I can connect to an iPad or iPhone with a USB to Lightning adaptor versus purchasing an Audiobox iTwo.