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Help please! The audio playback is not working and the audio devices are having problems!! (Windows Audio)

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asked Dec 11, 2018 in Studio One 3 by ragyuo (140 points)
Hello! I recently upgraded to studio one 3 and when it did so. The audio playback was working fine. I then shut off my computer and turned it back on. I would go back to studio one 3 but when i did, the loading screen would pop up with errors saying that something was wrong with the speakers. So I tried other audio devices which they worked... until i did the same thing and then that stopped working. I went through every drive each time i used it and it would only work once but then stopped working after i reopen. The error at the time was still going on until i used all of the drivers. After then, I went back to the main driver (Which is windows audio) then it still won't work. I've even downloaded the audiobox but that didn't work at all (due to me not actually having the thing which i didn't know i had to have it.I have a windows 10 and ASUS laptop and I don't think windows update did something to it.

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