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Third Track Volume Snaps Back to -53.5db Automatically (Even in New Songs)

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asked Dec 12, 2018 in Studio One 4 by maxwitherspoon (120 points)
I'm having an issue with Studio One 4 Pro. I've created a new song and have added my first two tracks (Massive VST Tracks). When I create a new track, the volume of the track automatically snaps back to -53.5db - even in my brand new song with no added automation. I can actually see the volume automatically snapping from -53.5db to -54.9db.

If I adjust the volume up again, after a few seconds when I'm in playback of the song, recording the track, when I'm just playing my keyboard, or even if I just sit and watch it - the audio snaps back to -53.5db.

I've tried removing automation from the track. And creating a new song from scratch, but the snapping of DBs in track three still continues and I can't figure it out. This even happens to my existing songs that were created before this issue started.

For reference, I'm using an Akai MPK 49, and I've noticed that each time I load Studio One 4 Pro I don't get any MIDI input from the device until I power it down completely and power it on again.

Any help would be apprecaited!

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