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I've just started to use Studio one4 for home recording.

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asked Dec 14, 2018 in Studio One 4 by steadyseller (170 points)

It's so great to use PreSonus Audiobox usb 96 and Studio One4 programe

I tried to record my voice along with the flow of beat MR MP3

by using Studio one4 artist version.

The process of recording i tried was like below

1. open Studio One4 and click the creat a new song on the first starting page

2. Click the left top menu written Track and choose "Add Tracks"

3. Drag or import  the MR MP3 file

.4. Click the small circle point which is recording button. As soon as I click the
  small circle point, the monitoring button which is next to the small circle recording button became skyblue color.

5. Click the big circle button that is the middle of the bottom and that is also recording button

6. as soon as i finished the 5th step, i click the triangle button for play

Problem happend. I was able to only hear my voice from my monitoring head phone.

the horizon time bar and the vertical red line passing by time bar were moving along with the time flow

but there was no sounds from MP3 MR file that i put on..

please let me know how to record both my voice and MP3 MR simultaneously

Step by step. would be so thankful if you let me know them with every step picture.

I will look forward to get your reply ASAP

Thank you and Have a nice day.

From one of your customers.

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