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Home Studio Setup

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asked Jan 14, 2022 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by richardjames11 (210 points)
I hope I have the right category here so here goes.

I am setting up a home studio for the band I play in, we're along the lines of Magnum/Whitesnake/Europe etc

We're an older bunch in our 50's but are still keen to know our live performance is good so want to be able to record the band simultaneously/live.

The drummer uses a Roland TD50x, the rest of us are standard guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals etc

Can I use either the Studio 1810c or 1824c recording the drums either from its stereo out or midi? Also being more old-school can I use a fader port (8 or 16) to have that organic relationship with Studio One pro and/or is there a single product that is the interface and fader port? I'd like to stick with Presonus hardware and we're using Studio One Pro at the moment

Sorry for all the questions but if anyone could impart their better knowledge/experience to us, we'd be ultimately grateful

Thank you in advance.

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