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What is the sense of Universal Control with 1818VSL, looks like step backwards ?

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asked Dec 15, 2018 in AudioBox VSL Series by retnev (160 points)
edited Dec 16, 2018 by retnev


I have been using my 1818VSl for the last 4-5years without any problems. Great product.

I used it @ 44100 samples/s Buffer=64 all the time, no hickups, kickass interface !

As I now need to use higher sampling rates, I found that  it just dont work at higher rates with the original Audiobox Mixer software. The sound becomes ring modulated due to sampling mismatches all the way up to 96000. I replaced USB cable with highest quality even certified USB3+ and used 3ft length cables. Problem remains the same.

I was then told to rather USE Universal Control. I installed Universal control and it upgraded firmware perfectly.

So the question now is

1) Universal Control installed 100%, but it is seemingly not a replacement for Audiobox mixer that came with the 1818VSL. It unceremoniously uninstalled my old Audiobox software as a precondition for Universal Control to install.  There is only demo versions of Presonus Flagship Daws in Universal Control, which doesnt output or route any of the sound from my working spdif connection (tested working setup on Audiobox Software)  to the 181VSL to the speakers. No sound is shown active in these flagship mixers. Dead as a doornail. So what is the purpose of installing Universal control if it renders your 1818VSL useless?

2) What can I do to at least get the same functionality of the Audiobox mixer software that came with the 1818vsl with the mystery Universal Control. ? if I miss something what do I miss?

3) What can I do to work at higher sample rates. (I was told to use the Univ. Control and firmware upgrade to do so, but it failed miserably)  The 1818VSL only works at 44100 and nothing more with the original Audiobox Software and doesnt work at all at any sampling rate with Universal control.

The experience with Universal control definitely puts me off Presonus products for my coming upgrade. It feels like a step back from an excellent product, ( the 1818vsl/audiobox combination ).  I am leaning towards Motu or Midas Stage mixers if I cannot get this Universal control thing sorted out as apparently all the new Presonus interfaces works with Universal Control which is a non-starter on my 181vsl. Clearly and Understandably,  if I cant get Universal control to work perfectly with the  1818VSL, I will be silly to upgrade the Presonus path. It would be nice to get this hurdle out of the way. Once the 181VSL works flawlessly with Universal control, obviously I can consider Presonus interfaces again for the upgrade.

Thank you in advance.

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