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Better interaction with plugins on the mixer

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asked Dec 18, 2018 in Mixing by federicosilva (4,500 points)
From a mixing perspective, working with plugins in the mixer is very counter intuitive right now. To remove a plugin: click, drag, press cmd. To bypass a plugin: right click, move mouse to bypass and click. To open a plugin, double click. This is too much work for no real reason. I would like to see the following implementations to the inserts section of the mixer:

Open plugin: 1 left click.

Remove Plugin: Option Left Click

Bypass plugin: Shift Left Click

Expand stock plugins: Shift Right Click

This is not a new request, but takes ideas from the following requests and expand the scope to provide a more intuitive workflow:

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answered Dec 31, 2018 by mciv (1,070 points)
You can't turn off sends globally, just like inserts. Also I would appreciate a button turning off all inserts and sends at the same time