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"Replace" option when you right click/click the drop down menu on plugins

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asked Dec 2, 2019 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by tristanmendoza1 (260 points)
So coming from Pro Tools very recently and diving 100% exclusively into Studio One when I am writing, mixing, finalizing, anything I very often like to jump around with my plugins and experiment, or sometimes something just isn't working and I need to change whats on the channel. To do this in my previous workflow with Pro Tools I could just right click on an insert and hit "replace" and it would bring up my plugin list right away, or I can just hit "replace" and start typing for the automatic search function. I would love to see this in Studio One. Studio One prides itself on being quick and intuitive, and I happily agree in almost every case it is! Except when I need to replace the only insert on the channel with something else. I first need to remove the original plugin and then add the other one, or add the other one then remove the original plugin.

     PreSonus could even give it a "Studio One" flair and on top of that core feature add a modifier key when using arrow keys or a modifier plus the scroll wheel to quickly flip through plugins within that particular category. For example being able to have a single insert on a channel that happens to be a compressor and holding down a key and flipping through all your installed compressors. Maybe even be able to make a "quick toggle" list and just flip through all your plugins that you most often use. I feel something like this has to potential to cut down on "mouse miles" and really streamline my workflow as a mix engineer, and it would also be useful to me as an electronic artist when Im experimenting and my thought processes are going a mile a minute. I hope others feel the same way.

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