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Feature Request: Option to disable plugin menu expanding with one mouse click

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asked Feb 10 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by bradboatright (520 points)
recategorized Feb 10 by bradboatright
Sometimes I'm not quick enough with the double-click, and a single plugin's menu in the insert bay will expand, causing other plugins to drop out of view. While this feature can be useful for those who adjust parameters that way, it would be nice to have the option to disable it, since it occasionally disrupts my workflow.

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answered Feb 13 by tothrec (31,740 points)

I don't try to adjust the parameters from that little window.  Instead, like you, I click on the title to collapse (seems like whack-a-mole).
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answered Feb 17 by princeagrawal (13,570 points)
Agreed and upvoted. The current single click behavior hurts more than it helps.
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answered Jul 5 by tombuur (680 points)
I find these accidental expansions very annoying. It happens to me all the time, and I never adjust plugins inside the insert slots. Please, make it possible to disable this feature. It shouldn't require much programming, right?
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answered Jul 9 by jesseharradine (790 points)
edited Nov 29 by jesseharradine

It's the most time wasteful annoying as bleep feature ever. GLOBAL SHUT DOWN NOW LETS goooooo

I'm sure they are too busy adding 5000 things to the show page or some other bleep instead of people trying to use this as a professional mixing DAW.

absolutely redic

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answered Jul 12 by giovannibuchelli (260 points)

I will never, never, use those tiny little controls. I want to open the plugin window with one click.
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answered Aug 20 by waynelansdowne (270 points)
Upvoted and fully agree. I found this thread specifically looking for a solution to disable or change the default behavior. It should absolutely be user preference and I really hope it gets updated as such.
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answered Oct 17 by shaywilson1 (270 points)
I totally agree...needs to have a toggle switch to have the feature tuned off
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answered Nov 4 by karymwillemsen (160 points)
I agree 100%.

 This is a great option for those who like the windows.

But for me it is really killing my workflow. I absolutely hate it
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answered Nov 5 by muwler (230 points)
I totally agree
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answered Nov 5 by petergreeny (330 points) 1 flag
100% this.  Such an obviously needed fix.
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answered Dec 6 by bradboatright (520 points)

Welp... OP chiming in again here. I just figured out that it actually can sort of be disabled, at least on 3rd party plugins. You just need to right click the plugin, and select "Setup Micro Parameters", and remove them. To select all, use the shift button and click the bottom parameter.