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Midi Learn for external devices... Needs Export/Import

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asked Dec 23, 2018 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by rluvsgin (230 points)

I Recently Removed a piece of Gear from my setup that i painstakingly went through and mapped a whole host of functions for S1. Yes i even removed it from my external devices, because i jumped the gun and thought the new piece of gear would replace it with the same functionality, this wasn't the case. Upon reintroducing the old gear back into my setup i came to the realization i would have to remap the buttons and remember what key commands were used, were talking 49 buttons alone without the knobs. So upon reintegrating my piece of hardware i got curious and thought i might of missed a function S1 might of had that i missed. so i clicked on the drop down menu on the hardware tab i was setting up in the midi learn, and no i hadn't missed anything there was only setup, reset and remove but no export/import or save as option. We really need an Export/Import for the external gear imo. Other Control Editors have this function. if i missed it in S1 please point me in the right direction. It would be nice to save your setups on a thumb drive for safe keeping and be able to import them back if need be.

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