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Can you integrate patch names for external MIDI devices (such as using middev, midnam standards)?

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asked Sep 8, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by bradenmcdonald (230 points)
Cubase, Digital Performer, ProTools (and surely a host of others) incorporate the use of what appears to be a standard for a DAW looking up external MIDI device patch names and device configurations. These files are .middev (defining manufacturer devices) and .midnam (which specify the patch names). Since "the wheel has been built" here, in that many, many of these files already exist and are a defined standard out there, it seems like it wouldn't be that much to ask for PreSonus to code in the reference to look them up and assign them. This functionality should also include calling up patches from the patch list. Just look at how Cubase or DP do it, as they do it well. I realize that users today seem to run mostly virtual synths, but those of us who have been doing this for decades have racks of outboard synths, effects processors, and what have you which all respond to MIDI patch commands. It is *extremely* handy to have the DAW call up the proper patches for the song/project in use, rather than having to turn away from the computer and put your hands on the rack, turning knobs, punching buttons, etc.

I am hopeful that you will undertake this little coding project. Thanks for what appears to be an otherwise great product. (I'm demoing it presently.) I love the other PreSonus gear that I own. Best regards.

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answered Nov 7, 2017 by timofinkbeiner (3,140 points)
selected Sep 6, 2018 by AlexTinsley
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it is an old wish and I really hope there will be a feature for this in version 4 (maybe coming in 2018?). This is the main reason which kept me away in the past from using S1 as my main daw.

Here is the link to my question and another link to the same topic:

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answered Sep 9, 2016 by musicmould (1,830 points)
edited Sep 9, 2016 by musicmould
I totally second that!

I come from Logic Pro X and there I had actually entered patch names myself for my Juno-106 and Prophet 5 that mede it super-easy to call up presets from the DAW. A sorely missed feature.
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answered Nov 5, 2016 by drc123 (220 points)
Those standards were beginning to take shape by the early '90's at least, and it makes integration with workstation keyboards a breeze! For my workflow, this has been a make or break issue since I'm not smart enough, nor have enough time to memorize all my keyboard patches...
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answered Feb 23, 2017 by ruudharbers (300 points)
I would really love to see this feature added to Studio One! I mainly work with midi and some old synths/workstations, and I keep going back to Cubase to write my stuff. It's too cumbersome to do it in Studio One, with the absence of easily selecting my patches.

My deepest gratitude if you can make this request happen.
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answered Mar 30, 2017 by Cafon (320 points)
I got a lot of old Roland JV, sound Canvas series  plus Ketron/Solton  keyboards and using it for many years. This is the MAIN reason I dont change for Studio One. As soon as they fix this BUG I buy it !

Please "urgent" add patchnames (sound list) for midi hardware on Studio one

Thanks, great program you have.

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answered Aug 2, 2018 by alberthislop (720 points)
Yes, for external instruments please implement bank definitions and importing/editing patch names and selecting patches in a pull down list like VI's.
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answered Jul 6, 2019 by treviswilliams (480 points)
The guys at Presonus have done a great job by adding lots of console features and audio edit features to make Studio One comparable to other industry standard DAWs.  Allowing patch name scripts to apply to external gear would make this DAW complete.  How many upvotes do we need?  If you just make it possible, I am sure the community would be glad to create the scripts for the different modules just like Steinberg did with ScriptMaker.  Come on guys, I have been watching Studio one since version 2, and switch from Steinberg when you dropped v4 hoping this would be added.  I need this in my life right now.  I am not trashing my 8 external boards and I'd hate to go back to Cubase.  We need that!