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Why isn't Studio One recognizing my Studio 1824 USB device?

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asked Dec 24, 2018 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by brandonguergo (860 points)
I've used the AudioBox USB for a while and finally upgraded. The 1824 functions perfectly fine without Studio One and I can hear everything and monitor all my inputs, but when I boot up Studio One there isn't even a hint of recognition.

I don't see the Studio 1824 listed in Universal Control at all, and when I configure audio devices in SO it isn't listed there either so...

What's the deal, am I missing something or is this thing no longer supported?

3 Answers

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answered Feb 1 by jbair (340 points)
Have you figured out why this isn’t working yet? I have just purchased the 1824 and got it today. And I can’t get it to recognize in studio one period. Smh
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answered Feb 6 by damionmorse1 (160 points)
I have not figured this one out yet either, in my case 1824 shows up in the list of devices but I get an error when I choose it, so I have to choose "Studio Box" in order for 1824 to function in Studio One 4. You would think that since it's all made by the same company, integration should be a breeze- but apparently not.
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answered Sep 12 by mikekelton (140 points)
I'm having a similar issue. Universal Control recognizes my 1824, but Studio One does not. Please post if you find the answer.