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Earmix 16 channel monitors suddenly stop working? Why?

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asked Jan 3 in EarMix 16M by dkarlsthomas (150 points)
We have 6 New EarMix 16M, the 1st box is plugged into our DBX Equilizer unit and then they are daisy chained together with Ethernet cables, sometimes they work perfectly but then sometimes they work during worship practice and then one of them will stop working, or sometimes they work during practice and then in the middle of Worship during a Service they all stop working at once. I need to know how to fix this problem, thanks.

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answered Jan 14 by jonnydoyle (143,220 points)
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Why is the EarMix connected to a DBX EQ unit?

Log a support ticket.
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answered Feb 2 by mikaelkromer (140 points)
I have the same issue. I experience audio dropout or that the earmixes freezes completely. Normally it takes many hours before the earmix freezes, but it can also happen after 1hour. My setup is studiolive 16r, presonus avb switch and 4 earmixes. Same problem with and without the avb switch. All ethernet cables are brand new cat5e.

I have been in contact with support and the answer I got was that they are aware of the issue and that if it happens I should just restart the earmix. That ‘fix’ does not really work in a live situation... I did not get any answer for when this issue will be fixed.