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Studio One 3 is recording and playing back, but there is no sound sent to speakers thru UC Surface

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asked Dec 23, 2015 in Studio One 3 by duanepollard (150 points)
I have made this connection before a few days ago, the playback came through the speakers.  But now it is not working, no sound thru the speakers.  I have RM32AI with Studio 3 and UCSurface.  The meters show that I am recording and also show that I am playing back, but I can't get it to send the sound to the speakers.  I hear the sounds coming through the speakers with UCSurface so I know that the speakers are working.  It looks like UCSurface is working properly.  I turn on the "record" button on the track and then hit record.  The meter works and shows the recording in the view.  The playback shows the meters working properly, indicating that it is putting out sound, but I cannot hear anything out of the speakers.  I do take off the "record" button the track before I playback.

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answered Dec 24, 2015 by matthewgorman (51,840 points)
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In Studio One, make sure that the mixer is open. On the main fader, at the top, there is a black box for routing. Expanding that will show you the places that you can send the audio for playback on the mixer. There is also a similar box on all of the channel fader. Make sure that all of the individual channels are routed to the main. Then make sure that the main is routed back to the mixer using the digital return. Lastly, make sure that the digital return fader is up in the main in UCS, and the main fader in UCS is up.


If you have the main output in Studio One set to any of the mixer channels, which is ok too, then those mixer channels need to be set to Firewire as the source.