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best way to manage multiple USB interfaces

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asked Jan 5 in Studio One 4 by antonymapplethorpe (120 points)
Im new to Studio one - coming from Reaper.   Im using the demo now, but have pro ordered.

Im asking about the best way to connect, and manage multiple USB audio interfaces.  I have my Yamaha MG12UX mixer as my rie interface - but my Fractal AFX, Roland RD2000 and FA07 all have their own driver and have 2in 2 out audio capability.

Ideally Id like to select the USB input device for each track seperately but I dont think thats possible (a windows thing) but if it is Id love to know how.

If it isnt though, I seem to have to ways to go.  Firstly all the USB devices are available int he Studio One Audio interface options page - so I can change the device there.  Alternatively I can select ASIO4all in the Audio menu - and change devices in Asio4alls panel - which I can keep open.

Just wondering if one method is better than the other, advantages/disadvantages of each - or if theres no real difference in approach - assuming I cant just have them all available as live inputs on a track by track basis.


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answered Jan 13 by Vatche (1,870 points)
I have multiple audio interfaces and I have the same problem.

It's a hassle to keep changing drivers. I hope to see a better option soon.