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Which Presonus interfaces have the newest and best quality preamps? (with phantom power - only need 1 channel)

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asked Nov 16 in MyPreSonus Questions by turihaim (150 points)

I was wondering if all presonus use the same quality pre-amps...
If not, which presonus products use the best quality pre-amps.

I only need 1 mic Pre-amp with phantom power for an RE20 broadcast mic.

I've been using the iostation 24c, which is great, but I'm looking to downsize, without compromising quality
and tried the audioBox Go, but it feels cheap and it sounds considerably noisy. I haven't spent time fiddling with the settings, but it just got me thinking maybe I should do more research first, so curious which presonus interfaces have the best quality pre-amps.


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