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My playhead disappears with the edit window.

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asked Jan 7 in Studio One 3 by dgavhjtx (120 points)
Before I start, I want to say sorry for my short english, and I want to tell you that I am literary beginner in music.

I'm the user who is using studio one 3 prime version. Let me tell you about my 'Playhead disappearing issue'.

At first,(when I start the Studio one program) I can see my playhead. But it disappears when I open and close the edit which is at the right-bottom corner. I can see playhead when I open my edit window, but it disappears again if I close that window. Sometimes It reveres.(Can't see playhead in instrument midi edit menu)

Is this studio one 3 prime's bug? If it could have been fixed, please tell me how can I fix it.

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answered Jun 3 by christopherburke (140 points)
Bump for visibility. Having this issue aswell. No answers anywhere online.