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Ability to drag or move the playhead with mouse.

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asked Mar 22, 2019 in Editing by jesusking1 (390 points)
retagged Mar 25, 2019 by jesusking1
When I first opened Studio One I was extremely confused by the fact that I can't drag the playhead.

The fact that there is no way to drag the playhead is a dealbreaker for me.

Small/micro edits, detailed arrangement & placement of sounds or dialogue editing require precise playhead placement.

But clicking is never as precise as dragging.

If there is a way to drag or move the playhead with the mouse please let me know.

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answered Mar 3 by gregorbeyerle1 (4,610 points)
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answered Mar 25, 2019 by jesusking1 (390 points)
Don't know why my request was downvoted. I think this would a great feature as it makes it a lot easier for people coming from ProTools and Logic. Or make it an option instead of the default behaviour.
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answered Mar 26, 2019 by sasarajak (2,680 points)
What is the playhead??

P.S. some people keep downvoting for no reason, I have noticed that too
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answered Mar 2 by keithshapiro (160 points)
I can't believe this isn't a feature either. Makes no sense
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answered Mar 8 by pellefridell (3,410 points)

There is a fantastic keycommand in S1 called "Locate Mouse Position" that moves playhead to the mouse position.

I have mapped this to shift-spacebar.

If locating precisely in an audiofile I use tap to transients (tab)

Hoping this can help :-)


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answered Mar 22 by steveblaque (140 points)
My answer is an opine because like the initial response this is a deal breaker...ableton/logic/cubase all have. I’m finding it almost counter intuitive and impossible to work without the mouse being able to locate the’s a workaround that will cost. While just about everything else is whiz bang with 4,5 this is a real sore tooth....only now 2 days after getting started am I realizing there is no hope of being able to drag the playhead.....let’s say it ain’t a deal maker.