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Add Buses to Import Song Data

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asked Jan 9, 2019 in Mixing by darrenporter1 (790 points)
why this is not here baffles me... glaring omission!

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answered Jan 20, 2019 by lisarowe (3,820 points)
edited Jan 20, 2019 by lisarowe
The busses are there.  Have them as tracks in the arrange view and you will see them in the track list to import into your song.

Also, if you navigate to the song in the browser, you can find all the busses and just drag them in like any other file.

: )
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answered Jan 20, 2019 by darrenporter1 (790 points)
Thanks for responding, but that is not a solution, it is a work-around. What if I don't want them in the arranger view?

Needs to be a check-box in the main ISD dialog box.
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answered Jan 21, 2019 by powerkor (430 points)
This is especially an issue when using Busses on Midi/Instrument data (with aux's setup from the instrument) None of these busses get imported! So Annoying!!