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MIDI File Import From Cakewalk Sonar - finding elements of MIDI 1 Format

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asked Jan 12, 2019 in Studio One 4 by donniecranfill (330 points)
I have converted Sonar/Cakewalk project files to MIDI - I have lyrics to many songs that were saved as Text data in the song file in Cakewalk, and it was easy to located - does a text data/lyric file become a part of the MIDI 1 Format, now do I find it in Studio One 4 Pro?

Thank you.

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answered Jan 18, 2019 by stephenlory (450 points)
I seem to recall that I was able to insert text as comments inside a midi file.   Try viewing the midi events in Studio to see whether the lyrics were saved.  Bear in mind that the center of midi is note on note off.  I do not think Sonar could dovetail notes with words.  Also bear in mind that a file in Sonar format contain much more content than the midi and audio events organized in tracks and folders.