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Using Notion as a metronome for practising music in various time signatures and varying tempos

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asked Jan 16, 2019 in Notion Feature Requests by davidgbrown1 (300 points)
It would be very handy to have Notion operate as a metronome template creating a click track for individuals or ensembles working on complex parts. If you could just create a score with all the time signatures and tempo change indications but without having to enter an actual part then it could be used as a sophisticated metronome. I know you can do a work around currently by creating a one line percussion part with a wood block. It would be faster and more convenient to have the emphasis on downbeats be automatic rather than having to put in dynamics. It's also nice to have graphic layout so that you follow the cursor movement and have the visual reinforcement. There are metronomes like the Boss Dr. Beat DB-88 where you can program a sequence of alternating time signatures but these are expensive and a scoring program should be able to generate a click track based on the tempo and time signatures that have been inputted. I play a lot of new music and I would use this feature a lot for instrumental practising if it were available.

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