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Can we have individual tempo tracks for each track as an option for multiple time signatures to be utilized effectively?

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asked May 24, 2019 in Recording by NickWeiland (420 points)

Hi what i suggest is that if we can have an option to enable in the settings or the inspector to have a separate tempo track at a click of a button. to enable the purpose of being able to layer time signatures on different tracks. the reason i ask is that i want to do a J Dilla swing septuplet swing vibe see this but then have something play straight on top of it. currently, it has to ALL be swing or ALL be straight. i could do it manually and play or compose something in midi and import. but ideally, i don't want to have to be a musical mathematician to make this work and rely on the daw to handle different time signatures to allow me to experiment and compose on the fly. 

for example, i like doing polymetric time experimentations because I hear music that way.  id like to be able to have drums going at 4/4 whilst keys are doing 7/8 and maybe do some other instrument at 3/4 just for the hell of it so I can experiment to see how it sounds and try to make something new and innovative. currently, i am stuck with the dominant time signature on the project. 

The Solution?!

what I would like to do is to have an option within the inspector which would say something like "enable independent tempo track" with this selected you can now vary not just the tempo away from the other tracks but you can vary the time signatures too and it will track when these variables change. now obviously not everyone is going to use this feature and most people are going to write songs that stay the same. this is why I want it as an under the hood type of modification. 

as for playback, the playback system could have an option for which time signature is dominant when this is enabled. or it switches depending on what track is selected with a small icon that we could use to be on or off so that it either reverts to the dominant time signature for the tracks globally or it follows the time signatures when an individual tempo track is selected. again this doesn't have to show as a feature on the playback bar but would be good if we could enable that in the options if someone like myself needs it. 

This would increase creativity for polymetric exploring 10 fold as it would allow people like myself to see what works and what doesn't with more explorative sounds and rhythms. this is the only limitation I'm having when it comes to being able to compose ideas I have without being a musical mathematician. 

if you guys agree with this please share it far and wide and upvote it. as I believe this will allow composers to reach their potential. 

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