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When will the RM32 have the ability to copy/paste all of the parameters of a reference AUX mix?

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asked Dec 26, 2015 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by darrelldavis (120 points)
  • Heres the set up….You spend a lot of time getting a studio or on stage in ear/headphones aux mix just right then you think Aha! I'll just copy and paste that hard won mix to 3 other guys aux mixes by simply selecting there aux mixes and pasting the reference aux mix to them and voilla everyone will be very happy very quickly…. now thats what I call "battle ready"……WRONG!!!!   In an unbelievable  departure in design architecture  Presonus RM32's software approach to the copy/paste function of Aux mixes is basically USELESS. Given most peoples understanding/expectations of what is going to happen when copying and pasting anything in any software Presonus's omissions in the aux mix area are almost inconceivable and run against the grain of common sense big time.

    Food for thought…. There are two main functions to any board regardless of whether they are digital or analog or highbred and that is FOH sound and the musicians on stage sound…..creating systems that weaken choices badly in one or both of these areas is not only not helpful but as a business plan down right dangerous. Digital systems at the end of the day are the way of the future we can rewrite software code to accomplish useful changes that is what Presonus and anyone else has promised us I know because I have watched the videos. This system needs to have a programmer spend an afternoon on some code writing to accomplish this very powerful change in the aux mix area or get left behind midas and bringer already have this functionality as far as I know!  

    agree disagree?

     These omissions I'm certain have caused needless untold hours of misery to operators of the RM32 as the FOH audio engineer or studio recording engineer under the gun and painstakingly trying to pass over a given perfect aux mix to other musicians in the show/session. The way Presonus has it now copy/paste of an aux mix only copies channel volumes and while pasting the individual channel volumes to another aux mix is useful it is only the TIP OF THE ICEBERG we also need to have Aux master volume, aux reverb return level on all effects, GEQ settings on aux mix, compresser settings on aux mix, EQ settings on aux mix, group master levels on aux mix to also copy so we may quickly pass it on to someone else…in other words everything that was on the reference aux mix should be copied 100%. One incredibly powerful and robust way to deal with this need has already been created by Presonus in the "Scenes area" of the software. When recalling a scene there is a tick list to check off and the scene recalls only the parameters of the scene that you have selected to be recalled. 

  • This is also an ideal approach for Aux mixes as well for obvious reasons and would be the "Holy Grail"  of aux mix copy functionality but in the absence of that more robust approach 100% copy of the reference aux mix would be just fine and miles beyond what is currently available. So here is a quick list of the parameters that are currently as of 12/26/15 "NOT COPIED" from the reference aux mix while utilizing the copy/paste function regardless if the parameter is controlled by FOH engineer or musician…..Aux master volume, reverb return level on all effects, GEQ settings on aux mix, compresser/gate/limiter settings on aux mix, EQ settings on aux mix, group master levels on aux mix… I'm sure there is more but those things are currently missing when copying a desirable Aux mix relegating the current approach pretty much to the USELESS pile… 

  • Anyway that is what I call "battle ready" 3 clicks and you have all that dialed in for the person(s) beside you then he can tweak a little from there as he/she wants with there individual channel volumes but for the most part the mix being given to them already sounds awesome….leaving these choices or omitting these choices out of the aux mix copying process leaves a BOATLOAD!!! of work to still be done on a given persons starting aux mix…. then multiply that extra work times the number of aux mixes your trying to change/create it would be better if Presonus just didn't offer any abilities in this area because what is currently offered is just plain aggravating, sickening and functionally pretty much as I said before useless…. 

commented Dec 28, 2015 by gadget69 (30,330 points)
You do realize that you copy and paste the mix, THEN copy and past the fat channel? The information bits are stored in two separate locations, so mix is mix, and Fat channel is fat channel.

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answered Dec 28, 2015 by matthewgorman (51,780 points)
Thank you for the feature request. Good luck in the voting.
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answered Aug 10, 2016 by basmeijer (6,330 points)

When? Eh..... now? laugh

The buttons to do this are all there in UC Surface.

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answered Dec 27, 2016 by roberthughes1 (170 points)
ABSOLUTELY.  It's nice to have a reference starting point that isn't 0.  I like to put everything in the mix and then ask what a player wants out of the mix, instead of adding to the mix.  kind of like negative eq'ing to me.