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How do I get my novation launchpad running with Studio One 4 Prime?

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asked Jan 22 in Studio One 4 by marjoleinvantienhoven (210 points)

I am wondering how I can get my novation launchpad to work with Studio One.
I assume that it doesn't matter if I use the trial version of Studio One Pro, or Studio One Prime, for my question. Correct me if I'm wrong!

What I would like is to map the novation launchpad in such a way that i can use it to control a virtual synth/piano/drum, and at the same time as a sampler, sequencer maybe, and toggle to other functions.. where in the program and how do I manage that?

The only thing that worked, was if i followed the instruction of another topic here, about connecting the novation launchkey. But then it's only meant to play a piano or so. And that's exactly what it does.

And how do you 'midi-map' in Studio One?



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answered Jan 24 by marjoleinvantienhoven (210 points)
Now i am even at this point: Studio One keeps saying the device is not connected. While it really is connected.

For me this could be a reason to choose for ableton instead of Studio One. In there it's just plug and play.
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answered Jan 24 by marjoleinvantienhoven (210 points)
I reallly hope someone knows how to do this!

I'd really try this Studio One software out.
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answered May 20 by caralm (140 points)
I got this to work by configuring the Launchpad Pro as a Keyboard using the launchpad standalone port.    It doesn't give you the launchpad full feature set like in Ableton, but you do get 64 pads in the note view that are minimally color coded to use for a controller.  

Side arrows transpose 1/2 steps

up and down arrows raise octaves