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Multiple summing algorithms

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asked Jan 24, 2019 in Mastering by joshuagrimm (660 points)
Each DAW that I've used has very specific coloration when the tracks are summed.  Ableton is the worst at summing.  FL studio is second worst, but I love their piano roll editor and the ability to use FL as a VST plugin in other DAWs.  Cubase and Studio one sound similar to my ears with a very slight "blue" coloration (I see sounds as colors).  Pro Tools seems to have the clearest summing and has a very clear shimmer in the cymbals.  The cymbals are slightly grainier in Mixbus which has a big 80's console analog sound.  I haven't tried Logic or the others.  Honestly, I love how studio one sounds!!  But on certain projects I will be forced to use Pro Tools or Mixbus for summing to get that last 1% of specific color.  If you guys could nail the ability to provide different coloration in the summing, that would be astounding!!  I understand this is probably impossible, or else all the DAWS would add new summing "flavors" all the time.   God bless -Josh

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