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studio one 4 : low volume on exported file

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asked Dec 9, 2020 in Studio One 4 by christiantroelsen (120 points)
This question has been asked here and other places before however i have not been able to find a definite answer. What i experience are very low volume on exported files compared to what i hear inside the studio 4. I understand that some of these issues may be fixed with proper mixing and mastering, however it seems to me that these issues shouldnt really be issues in the first place. Shouldnt it be possible to just record tracks in studio one and then get exported tracks at more or less corresponding levels? Also, i have even tried exporting some of the tutorial songs that are included with studio one 4 and even in that case the volume is not what i would call "radio-friendly". I am very confused by this. I have read that this is perhaps an implementation issue in studio one 4, which is not present in other daws such as ableton. However before switching to another daw it would be nice to know whether or not there is a simple solution to this issue. I should say that my experience with recording is limited at best so i apologize upfront if any of my points in this post dont make sense or are inaccurate. I would really appreciate concrete help if anyone can supply it.

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