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cannot export song to project page

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asked Nov 22, 2020 in Studio One 5 by rohanwalker (900 points)
Zootopia... I'm just a dumb *****.

I have been trying to export song data from the song page to the project page.

and indeed exporting to a 44.1 16bit audio file.

i have been working with tracks of both audio and virtual instruments, but I can't seem to work out how to do the mixdown to prepare the file for export out of the song page. in each case, to a 16bit 44.1 audio file, NOR INDEED to the "project page" I have not succeeded on either count. this also includes trying to create a stereo "master" track of the "selected tracks" even within the "song" page itself.

yes, I have mixed the tracks between markers, or "selected" the appropriate tracks - all of them and then used the menu to "Export Mixdown" and the destination file comes up as an audio file which is empty of signal.

I have used "mixdown selection" in the "Event" menu, and all that seems to do is to create an audio file of each event and place it in a new track. I cannot seem to be able to create a "stereo track" of the selected events.

this is (of course) showing that i do not know how to create a "Master Track" so that it can be exported to the "project page"

and yes i have RTFM but I have not found a "procedural" description of what needs to be done. (I'm just a dumb ***** :-))

my final resort has been to monitor the mix from the StudioLive mixer as a stereo out and record that to an external recorder.

that's fine, but it DOES require the project to enter the "analog domain" whereas for the best results all processing should, of course, remain fully within the digital domain.

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