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Change password on SL series 3

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asked Jan 28, 2019 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by luzerhass (590 points)

As of now the SL series 3 has a default password of: 12345

There should be an option to modify the password, so if i walk away from the mixer on a live job for a couple of minutes no one should be able to make changes


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answered Apr 9, 2019 by benpierce (99,360 points)
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With 2.0 firmware, the lockout has changed. There is no longer a global lockout. Each User Profile can have it's own passcode and permissions. So to lock the console, just log out of your profile. New User Profiles have all the permissions locked out. So even if someone tried to log into a profile that didn't have a password, they wouldn't be able to do anything.