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Can the new Studio 26C interface be connected to and iPad?

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asked Jan 28, 2019 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by eliascastro (160 points)
I cannot find any information regarding conection or can it be used with and iPad.

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answered Jan 29, 2019 by nydrolophan (200 points)
The new Studio C interfaces use the USB-C connectors. The newer Apple Ipad Pro has a USB-C port so that can just go straight in but if you're using a Ipad with the lighting port instead you'd just have to get an adapter. It does defeat the purpose of using USB-C but if you want to get it going and have an interface you can grow into USB-C is the next step for all that data transfer.
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answered Oct 18, 2019 by jasonmullinder (140 points)
The USB-C models all run at USB 2 speeds, the only significant factor is the plus itself, in future they will probbly run on USB speeds etc but for now using an adapter or plugging into a device with USB-C won't make a difference.

a faster processor over USB 2 or lightning will give better results then a lower spec device with USB-C..That said the Ipad pro has an advantage over the standard or mini
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answered Jan 19, 2020 by j.jeevasingham (140 points)
Hi! I tried connecting a Studio 26C to my 2018 iPad and it works fine, however the UC Surface app does not detect the 26C. Is there supposed to be an app for controlling the 26C I/O on iPad?
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answered Apr 20, 2020 by (140 points)
I just bought a 26c in hopes that with a Tendak USB Hub and a USB/lightning to lightning adapter I can get the signal and power to my iPad 5th generation. It’s a hack and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll work.

I was gonna buy the AudioBox iTwo but opted for the improved specs of the 26c...