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i do NOT have a studio one icon in my preferences folder and i do not have sound anymore

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asked Dec 28, 2015 in Studio One 3 by williambellii (90 points)
edited Dec 28, 2015 by gadget69
this product came in a bundle.. it's supposed to be registered yet i have no icon and i have no sound now.. and the microphone input box is not registering the microphone


this product is more difficult than it needs to be.. i spent 3 days downloading only to discover i need an ilok key for certain items.. this is not worth the headache .. AND there's no telephone number
commented Dec 28, 2015 by matthewgorman (51,500 points)
Probably best to contact support. I am not exactly sure what you are referring to in your post.

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answered Dec 28, 2015 by gadget69 (30,300 points)

Please get a tech service ticket, they can get you up and running... make sure you have a 'My Presonus' account, and that your products (hardware AND software) are registered.