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advice re. plugins for studio one

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asked Feb 1, 2019 in Studio One 4 by rivenz (140 points)
I,m a bit of a newbie and not advanced with computers and such, so bear with me. I currently have studio one 2 artist which I use in conjunction with Audio box usb for recording mics. I want to try using a usb/midi keyboard to create tracks with different virtual instruments. I noticed that presonus sell Presence XT core instruments which they say are compatible with v3 or higher. So I guess I must upgrade my v2 at this point?   Basically wandering what is easiest/ cheapest way for me to start creating tracks using the usb keyboard. I want to create some orchestral type tracks with strings and wind instruments, and want something decent sounding and realistic. I,m not sure if i should just buy presonus products to use with studio one, or find some free ones online which may require me to change or upgrade my DAW.


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