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Can you use 24.4.2 aux-sends directly into an iPhone 11 for Facebook live?

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asked May 24 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by codycaraway (120 points)
-We are using a StudioLive 24.4.2 (AI, I think) for sound-mixing at my church. We have recently begun livestreaming on Facebook using an iPhone 11 on a tripod. Our current setup includes an external mic connected directly into the iPhone for better house sound than the phone mic could provide, but we want to send the mix straight from the board to the iPhone. We tried using aux sends today and were unsuccessful, however we may have had some errors in the chain somewhere.

-Is it possible to go from a 24.4.2 through linked aux channels (1 and 2) into an iPhone? We are in the process of branching out from the iPhone, but in the meantime we need to know if it's doable. Here's our current setup/chain:

     External mic > XLR to 1/8" > Apple adapter > iPhone 11

-What we tried was:

     Aux 1 & 2 > two 1/4" to one 1/8" (for stereo) > Apple adapter > iPhone 11

-No extra software, just a direct line from the board to the camera (phone) directly to Facebook Live.

-If it is possible, what is the correct process to ensure it works? Here is our process that was unsuccessful: starting by pressing "link", then "select" on aux channels 1 & 2. Make sure "Post" is not selected. Press "Select" to adjust the "Fat Channels" and add FX (we use reverb and delay). Press "Mix" and adjust volume with the rotary knobs on the "Fat Channels." Turn up overall audio-send by adjusting the Aux 1 or 2 knobs. I think they may have pressed "Aux" on the far right Monitoring section, but I'm not sure what that does or if it even affects the sound output from the board. I am fairly ignorant, so any and all details are welcomed. Thank you!

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